"Ever since 2002 I've spoken at major events all over the world.  Of all the event photographers that have shot my picture on stage Angela Vaughan
is by far the best. If event photography was an Olympic sport, Angela Vaughan would win the Gold Medal."

Ruben Gonzalez - Olympian, Bestselling Author, Award-winning Speaker





I specialize in Event Photography.


Event photography is storytelling.  


Today, anyone can take a picture. Capturing event photos for storytelling requires patient, empathetic, and professional human interaction skills that facilitates fun, candid, poised, and unique shots without being intrusive, awkward, or self serving.  Whether it be individuals, small intimate groups, or large ballroom style events.


My clients tell me I capture the essence of their event through my images without being intrusive, by staying on the outskirts of the event, yet engaging at just the right moments.  Taking a picture is the easy part. Knowing where, when, and with whom is where storytelling happens.


It is so very hard to quantify the value of human interaction during event photography, until it is missing.  This is what makes me different than other event photographers.


If you desire an event photographer who brings this approach, please contact me for an initial consultation.

- Angela